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Continental Tours | Travel to Egypt | Travel Agency



Discover Egypt


Terms & Conditions

  • Your reservation and your pre – departure information

 -  Selecting your vacation package:

Our web site includes a wide range of tour packages and travel designed to meet with your interests and requirements. It is highly recommended that you choose the right vacation package by carefully reading the detailed itinerary and the included sightseeing visits. You should also contact us if you have any questions or inquiries regarding any of our packages or services. Our professional travel consultants will also assist you in tailoring a special package that meets with your interests, in case you don’t find what you are looking for on the web site.

- Child policy for hotels / Nile cruises / resorts / sightseeing / transfers:

We offer a flexible child policy for adults traveling with children on holiday. Children up to 6 years old accompany their parents free-of-charge provided they share the same room with them. Children between 6 and 12 years old are charged 50 % of the adult rate provided they share the same room with their parent (maximum two children).

- Meal plans:

When selecting a tour package, you will be always asked to select a meal plan. However, breakfast is usually included in the package price unless mentioned otherwise. You can ask our travel consultants to provide you with the rate supplement for half board (breakfast and lunch / dinner) or the full board rate supplement (breakfast, lunch, dinner). In some hotels and Nile cruises and resorts, all inclusive packages are also available upon request. Where breakfast is included, it will be continental breakfast, although full breakfasts are provided at certain hotels.

- Website accuracy:

We thoroughly update and review the information provided on our website about accommodation, resorts, Nile Cruises and itineraries to ensure that it is up to date. In some cases, however, hotels, restaurateurs, cruise operators etc., might do some changes to improve their facilities without prior notice. Moreover, maps and photographs are included in this website for general information and may not necessarily reflect actual routings, locations or services.

-  Travel insurance:

Travel insurance is a vital part of any holiday and we strongly recommend that you buy a travel insurance plan prior to your departure for your holiday.

 -  Special requests:

In case you have any special requests such as extensions, diet plans, room location, twin or double bedded room, a particular facility at a hotel, you should advice our travel consultants when the booking is made and they will inform you if your requests could be met.

-  Weather:

World weather is becoming more erratic and unpredictable and we cannot be held responsible for disruption to your holiday due to bad or unusual weather conditions.

- Public holidays:

There are several main holidays in Egypt that may introduce some alterations to your program. Some religious holidays such as Ramadan may result in a reduction of facilities and entertainment.

  • Payment for your holiday:

 - Rates:

Our travel consultants will be glad to provide you with an up-to-date quote once they receive your quotation request form (within 24 hours) that will include the requested package, dates of arrival & departure, number of travelers, category of accommodation desired, meal plans, and sightseeing.

- Rate guarantee:

Package rates can go up or down. After submitting a quotation request form, we will be able to provide you with an up to date rate of your chosen package, including the cost of any peak season supplements, upgrades or additional facilities which you have requested. Once you have accepted this price and a payment link has been sent to you, that price is fully guaranteed and will not be subject to any additional charges.

- Payment:

(a) When your booking is finalized following email correspondences between you and our travel consultant, you will receive a final detailed quotation and will be asked to select a method of        payment to pay the total cost of the services agreed upon, noting that we accept payment by:


- Credit cards

- Bank transfers

- Western Union

(b) Kindly note that full payment is necessary to confirm your booking.
(c) A confirmation email will be sent to you once payment is received payment.
(d) If you pay by credit card, Continental Tours reserves the right to inspect it upon arrival to Egypt to ensure that the card matches the one used to book the trip.

 - Amending your holiday:

If you want to change any part of your holiday arrangements after the invoice has been issued, we will do our best to make the change, but it may not be possible. Any request for changes must be made via email. If it is possible to make the change, an administration charge could be applied.

- Cancellation policy:

If you decide to cancel the holiday you must notify us of the decision as soon as possible via email. Cancellation will take effect from the day we are notified.

The following scale outlines the amount payable upon cancellation, depending on when the notification of cancellation is received.

- Individuals (1 – 14 persons): 

-      Less than 25 working days prior to arrival, no cancellation fees required.

-     Less than 15 working days prior to arrival, the Nile cruises full payment will be non-refundable.

-     Less than 15 working days prior to arrival, the domestic air fare, no cancellation fees required.

-     Late Cancellation (72 hours prior arrival), the hotels will charge the cost of ONE NIGHT Nonrefundable

-     Late cancellation (72 hours prior arrival), the sleeper train ticket will be non refundable.

- Groups (15 persons +):

- One month before arrival (30 working days), no cancellation fees required.
- Less than 30 working days prior to arrival, the Nile cruise's full payment will be Non-refundable.

- Late cancellation (24hours prior to arrival), the hotels will charge the cost of ONE NIGHT Non refundable

- Domestic air ticket cancellation conditions:

-  One month prior to departure date the deposit will be charged 40 % as a cancellation fees

-  48 Hours prior to departure date 50% will be charged as a cancellation fees

-  24 Hours prior to departure or no show 100 % of the total amount of the ticket will be charged as a cancellation fees

We would strongly recommend that you take out full insurance, which will in most cases include cover, under certain circumstances, against loss of deposit or cancellation fees.  

  • Your holiday

- Tour scheduling and details:

While every effort is made to operate a tour as showed, on occasion it may be necessary to make changes to the accommodation, the routing or order of an itinerary. Unless the change significantly alters your vacation experience, compensation will not be payable for minor alterations to the itinerary or nightly accommodation.

- Liability:

We act as an agent for the carriers and /or the hotel proprietors and /or all other contractors whose services are employed and therefore, although every possible care is exercised in their selection, Continental Tours accept no liability for any loss, injury, damage, delay, change of schedule, accident , etc., which may be occasioned or may occur either by reason of any defect in any means of transportation, or through the acts or defaults of any company or organization , individual or person engaged in their service in connection with operation of any tour or transfer or any hotel proprietor or his agents and /or his providers. 

- Other hotel guests:

Many hotels, especially in cities and major resorts, accommodate conventions and conferences. Also, at certain times of the year, some destinations have an influx of groups such as students, associations or clubs. The hotels we feature are shared with guests from many countries with different cultures and customs. We are therefore unable to accept any responsibility for any inconvenience caused by such groups or their activities.

- If you have a complaint while you are on holiday:

If you have a complaint while on holiday, you must bring it to the attention of your Continental Tours representative and the hotel immediately. They will do their best to rectify the situation. It is unreasonable to take no action while on holiday, but then to write a letter of complaint upon your return. If you do not raise concerns immediately, this may affect our ability to investigate and take remedial action and it may impact on the way your complaint is handled.

  • On return from your holiday

- Questionnaire:

Our aim at Continental Tours is to show our clients a great time in Egypt, providing them with an unforgettable experience and value for their money. We have thus adopted a customer-satisfaction approach to our operations and are continually striving to improve the standard of our services. Only with the help of your feedback will we be able to achieve our aim.
We would therefore appreciate it if you would spend a few moments to complete and return the questionnaire being sent to you following the completion of your vacation. We also welcome any comments, suggestions or testimonial you wish to send to us by email.

- Photography rights and testimonials:

Kindly be informed that our authorized tour leaders and representatives may take photographs and films of our clients whilst on any of our tours. Continental Tours reserves the right to use such material for any advertising or brochure production without obtaining further consent. Continental Tours also reserves the right to use any comments clients make regarding the tours on any questionnaires or letters in future promotional literature.  

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