Egypt’s Mediterranean coast in the north extends for over 500 Km, offering a continuous spread of untouched beaches and coves. While the ancient civilizations that flourished in Egypt depended on the Nile River, the Mediterranean remained unexplored through Egypt’s evolutionary process. This Mediterranean coast awards its visitors with an unrivalled blend of white silky sands, rocky peninsulas and clear areas. The cities of Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, and Port Said, among many others, have long been standing as jewels that boast pristine shorelines and historical relics. These immaculate jewels present an assortment of poetic images and extraordinary ambiance that provide sheer pleasure and relaxation.

Universally known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, Alexandria is located approximately 225 Km north of Cairo and extends for 32 Km along the Mediterranean Sea. Today, Alexandria stands as Egypt’s second largest city, being its leading port, commercial and transportation centre, and the heart of a major cosmopolitan industrial area. Its individuality is portrayed through its dazzling ambiance and unrivalled cultural heritage that distinguish it from other cities along the Mediterranean coast.