The experience of a lifetime can only happen in the land of the Pharaohs, in Upper Egypt, and precisely in the cities of Luxor and Aswan. The Nile River is at its utmost beauty here, flowing through amber desert and granite rocks, around emerald islands lush with palm groves and exotic plants. The city of Luxor brims with unrivalled historical monuments and temples that cannot be found elsewhere.

Aswan has always been a favorite winter resort since the early nineteenth century, in addition to its temples and necropolises. Serving as the capital of Egypt in ancient times, Luxor is now the most popular historical destination in Egypt, attracting millions of people from all around the world because of its unique temples and necropolises. History is carved on its walls all around the city.

The Nile River and the powerful pharaohs associated with Luxor are all elements that combine to form this wonderful city. Its name is derived from the word "Al Uqsor" which means "the Palaces" in Arabic. The weather in Luxor is warm all year long, and it is best to visit during the winter season.