Taba is located approximately 200 Km from Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula. It is a charming resort ideally situated to meld beautifully into the overwhelming untamed desert, the natural backdrop of unspoiled mountains, and pulsating sea. Its splendid surroundings are complemented by a diversity of lavish hotels to provide an unrivalled experience combining comfort and leisure. Taba Heights offers state - of - the - art facilities in addition to a vast array of amenities for ultimate relaxation and contentment.

It is prominent for its golf course that offer a professionally - equipped, spacious location to host international golfing championships. There is a rich variety of cultural and religious sites left over from historic events. Boat excursions could be arranged to transport visitors to the neighboring Israel and Jordan, in addition to the availability of glass boat trips for the purposes of diving and snorkeling or simply sailing down the sea. Furthermore, Taba is abundant with water sports that include windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing, sailing, and canoeing.

Its extravagant location makes it the perfect place for snorkelers and divers who seek a sensational adventure in exploring the prosperous natural marine. More recently, Al Nakb Airport, located on the Sinai plateau some 35 km from Taba, was upgraded and renamed Taba International Airport. Now it handles half a dozen charter flights a week from the UK as well as weekly charter flights from Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Many tourists enter via the Taba Border Crossing from Eilat in Israel. Located just southwest of Taba there is also a protected area on 3590 Sq. km and it includes geological formations such as caves, a string of valleys, and mountainous passages. There are also some natural springs in the area, which has 25 kinds of mammals, 50 kinds of rare birds, and 24 kinds of reptiles.