Formerly a Bedouin fishing village, Dahab is situated between Sinai's mountainous landscape and the Red Sea's prestigious shoreline, about 80 Km northeast of Sharm El Sheikh. It is globally recognized as a splendid setting for windsurfing, owing to its natural atmosphere of reliable winds and flat water conditions in Dahab's sand spit.

Behind this area nestles Speedy, the area with most flat waters and strong interrupted winds. A small bay in Speedy known as Baby Bay is eminent for freestyle windsurfing because of the formidable conditions provided by strong winds and wavy seas. Other popular activities in Dahab include scuba diving and snorkeling due to the exotic reef adjacent to waterfront hotels, in addition to the Blue Hole and Canyon that are internationally known as premium diving sites.

There are also camel, horse, jeep, and quad bike safaris either parallel to the seashore or amidst the valleys in the area. Dahab as a name came from the Arabic word for gold. It is believed that this region acquired its name from the fine yellow sand coating its pristine shoreline and it is expected that soon the name will refer to the wealth that the continuous increase of tourism is generating for the once small Bedouin village.

Dahab's main city is Assala, the most developed conglomeration of campgrounds, hotels, shops, restaurants, and bars that lie along the seashore. A few miles south of Dahab lies the beautiful adventurous spots of Qnai El Rayan and Qnai El Atschan valleys. Dahab is an inspirational place that nestles between Sinai's mountains and the Red Sea. It is similar to a tapestry woven from the combination of the local Bedouin culture, charming landscape, gorgeous mountain and sea views.