Located in Ras Shetan, Basata was the first touristic project in Sinai's Peninsula established in 1986 by an Egyptian construction Engineer. It is located in a small bay area 204 Km north of Sharm El Sheikh. It is the ultimate gateway from all elements of the metropolitan city life that takes its visitors back to the days when an artificial source of light was considered premium luxury, hence its name that accurately translates into simplicity. Accommodation in Basata varies according to preference.

Visitors can stay at one of the few buildings, chalets, or bungalows built of clay and natural stone with an Arabian theme that compliments the Sinai Peninsula and its surrounding landscape. For a simpler approach, visitors can stay in huts, made of bamboo and reeds, or tents that provide experience of a camping lifestyle. In its centre, the area embraces one main hut which is the only facility equipped for the storage of dairy products, juices, and other supplies that require careful treatment.

It is the largest hut with Arabian rugs covering the floor and comfortably stuffed cushions but visitors are not allowed to enter with shoes or slippers to preserve the hut from sand and dirt. Visitors are allowed to set up their own breakfast and use the utensils in the hut, and there is a chef available to prepare lunch. There is a wide range of activities available at Basata including beach volley, swimming, climbing the delicate yet tricky sand dunes, or visiting the library arranged in the main hut for those seeking a less active day to rest and recuperate.

During the night, people come from different huts in Basata to gather at the main hut for dinner and a night of entertainment with local music performed by Bedouins. As for visitors who prefer a higher degree of privacy, they can spend the night around a fire in the desert to enjoy the peace and tranquility away from the big city life.